Musical Technology is based in Venice, a city recognized the world over for its art – art which has influenced all of Europe. Painters such as Titian, Tiepolo, Canaletto, and Veronese; and musicians such as Vivaldi and Gabrieli are known everywhere. A sense of color and light is typical of Venetian art and this same intangible is unmistakably present in the approach taken by Musical Technology to the reproduction of music.
Music is replete with colors. Each instrument possesses its own vibrance and luminescence due to a unique harmonic signature. An orchestra radiates with the collage of colors of its many instruments. A composer or a conductor then uses these colors as his oils and the hall as his canvas.
Any audio component should be capable of reproducing all the various colors – all the harmonics of real instruments. Further, it should be capable of recreating existing micro- and macro-dynamics as well capturing the ambience and location of each instrument, including that delicate sense of ‘air’ between them. Only then can it convey the pleasure and emotion of a live performance.
Musical reproduction is a mixture of art and technology; but technology more for the sake of music than for the sake of technology itself. Musical Technology is one of those very few manufacturers in the world to utilize vacuum tubes, MOSFETs, and transistors without prejudice, exploiting the best characteristics of each. All components are carefully selected for their sonic performance and reliability.
What is the best approach to good sounding circuits or components? Only those designers intimately familiar with real instruments are equipped to make the proper choices.
Years of experience recording and amplifying classical and jazz performances, as well as continuous cooperation with musicians, has helped Musical Technology develop its range of products. In our opinion a component must be capable of producing correct and balanced sound in its own right and should not be designed to compensate for the shortcomings of associated components (for example, an over-bright amplifier for use with a rolled-off speaker). Further, because each component in an audio system has its own characteristic, cables and room included, Musical Technology offers its customers the opportunity – and assistance – to use different brands of tubes to obtain optimum matching and the most satisfactory results in the context of a specific system.
It is well known that pure class A designs, all other things being equal, sound better. Pure class A eliminates crossover notch distortion and improves both bandwidth and phase integrity, thereby enhancing sound quality and definition. However, many manufacturers characterize their products as class A when they in reality fall vastly short of the mark. True class A amplifiers are characterized by massive heat sinks or cooling fans; further, they require a large amounts of filter capacitance. Consequently, they are much more expensive than lower bias amplifiers of the same power rating. Musical Technology amplifiers, due to their construction, can be biased with high current and therefore operate in class A at normal listening levels. Some of our models deliver their full power in pure class A.
Speakers present very different loads. Many of the most highly regarded are difficult to drive, even for expensive amplifiers. Musical Technology amplifiers do not have current limiting protection and due to large power supplies and high current capability, they can handle even the most demanding loads without strain, thus allowing the customer to choose speakers according to his taste rather than for the characteristics of a particular load.
From a technical point of view we employ the simplest circuits possible. We pay great attention to the signal path. We are committed to low feedback, high bias, and where possible pure class A operation. We utilize oversized power supplies; we offer stability with any kind of load, and use the very best components available. From a sonic standpoint we offer tremendous dynamic capability, transparent but solid soundstage re-creation, optimum transient behavior and a relaxed, natural musical presentation.
All Musical Technology products are manufactured to the highest levels of performance, reliability, and finish. Each unit is individually tested, and only after an extended ‘burn-in’ period is it deemed ready for packaging and delivery.
We invite you to come join us in the revelation of color and the enjoyment of music.