It’s the first integrated amplifier by Musical Technology. It’s the result of the experience gained in designing high quality preamplifiers and amplifiers. With the last born C3 and M7S a new record of quality in 23 cm of width has been set up, creating so, the best Mini in the world. The M 270 represents a new way of thinking of an integrated amplifier. This type of amplifier is usually made to be a cheap product to be sold in large quantities. For Musical Technology is another technological challenge: the development of a product competitive, for quality, with pres and amps. Taking advantage of the reduction of cables, connections and contacts, the concept of ” straight wire with gain ” has been taken to the extreme, reducing, drastically, the amount of stages along the signal path, to avoid sonic degradation.
The Mosfet output stage is the same of the power amp M 7S. Mosfets have good musical qualities and thanks to their intrinsic thermal stability and second breakdown immunity no protection or current limiting is necessary in the signal path. In the proper amount and fed by an oversized power supply they make this amplifier able to deliver the necessary current to drive easily any kind of speakers, even the most difficult like the electrostatic ones. A high damping factor helps to obtain a good control of the woofer, and, consequently, a solid, fast bass.
The driver circuit is formed by two fully complementary cascode, class A transistor stages, each with its own local feedback, performing high linearity and large bandwidth.
The power stage is biased with high current and works in class A (more than 1A on the load) at normal listening level, improving, so, the quality and definition of the sound.
Components have been carefully selected for their sound performance and reliability.
The good looking chassis of completely anodised and brushed aluminium assures, with two, absolutely out of the ordinary, heat sinks, reliability and steady performances even after many hours of continuous playing.
To sum up, the M270 is a strong and reliable amplifier which is characterized by high speed (rise time < 2ms), well controlled bass and accurate, detailed sound. Musical instruments are perfectly separated and located, timbres and ambience are natural, transients are reproduced with the realistic impact of a live performance without compression or harshness. It keeps the warmth and the solid sound of the MT hybrid amplifiers, avoiding the typical dissonant distortions of solid state technology. The M 270 sets itself up as a reference of neutrality and issues a challenge to the most titled pres and amps. Not only it looks like a power amplifier; it is a very good power amplifier with gain.
Nominal Power: 70 + 70 W su 8 W, 110 + 110 W su 4W
Frequency Response  (-3 dB): 2 Hz – 150 KHz
Sensitivity and input impedance: 200 mV / 20 kW
S/N Ratio: > 80 dB
Harmonic distortion: < 0,1%
Damping factor: > 70
Output stage: 4 Mosfets each channel
Power supply: 380 W toroidal transformer with separate secondaries, 40,000mF total capacitance
Dimensions (cm): 43,5 (l) x 8 (a) x 35,5 (p)
Weight: 8 Kg