HElL TRANSFORMER, the result of the genius of Oscar Heil, distinguished physicist, inventor of the FET (1934) among other things, is recognized as the greatest innovation in the field of electroacoustics of the last 50 years.
Its revolutionary conception overcomes the many problems of the traditional speaker, such as very low performance, deformation of the cone stressed by the coil and a high mass: all limits to the ability to adequately reproduce the attacks of the musical signal. A Dome Tweeter, for example, needs 300 times more power than that required by the Heil Transformer to reach the same dynamic range: 50 dB of difference !!
A very light mylar diaphragm folded like an accordion and placed in a very strong magnetic field, compresses the air instead of pushing it (electrostatic, isodynamic) and expels it at a speed 5 times higher than that of cone loudspeakers.
It is this INSTANT ACCELERATION (15 ms. Rise time) that gives the Heil Transformer its unrivaled response to the TRANSIENTS, its HIGH DEFINITION, its spectacular DYNAMIC RANGE.
“Every small variation of the driving signal is transformed into an appropriate and instant variation of the sound level” (SUONO, 9/86). What you will hear will depend exclusively on the quality of the components used and on the source that, digital or analog, will not be able to put you in difficulty anyway.
The HElL TRANSFORMER, is the best medium-high existing. Using a planar membrane it has the transparency of electrostatics, is a dipole and is probably the fastest loudspeaker in the world.
It is superior to dome tweeters in all respects: efficiency (100 dB), dynamics (50 dB difference), horizontal dispersion (240 ° total) reproduction of mid frequencies with instant attacks and real dynamics (from 900 Hz), impedance purely resistive (constant as the frequency varies), low distortion and power handling (1000 W peak), air movement area (3.5 times). It is superior to planar for polar emission, efficiency, dynamics and sound pressure.