The L Series is an excellent synthesis of performance, finishing and price.
The mid high is the famous HEIL TRANSFORMER, a still today unmatched driver. The speed (15 ms s.w. rise time) and consequently the fidelity to the original signal is unapproachable. The wide air driving area permits a very good reproduction of the mid frequencies. The wide horizontal dispersion (120°) fills the room avoiding the listening fatigue typical of directive drivers and makes not critical the listening point. It has the typical transparency of the ribbons but it hasn’t the typical defects of them: directivity and low efficiency. It’s the only one which can reproduce real instruments dynamics and attacks, with its “instant acceleration”.
Fast, efficient and powerful woofers, using polypropylene cones, massive magnets and copper voice coils, bonded with high temperature epoxy to precision aluminium form, have been developed to give warmth to the mid-bass and at the same time to follow accurately the violent dynamics of the AMT.
Optimal blending of the drivers is achieved by a sophisticated crossover network which utilizes high voltage, high quality capacitors, precision air core inductors and heavy duty wire-wound level control. The slopes between the AMT and the woofers are soft to obtain a very good phase and dynamic response without energy holes in the crossover points.
Speaker cabinets are weIl engineered components where care has also been taken with appearance. Their baffle boards are rounded to avoid holes in the frequency response out of axis. They are constructed from stiff mdf and Iacquered with care.
Thanks to their high efficiency and detail they can be easily driven by small tube amplifiers for a pleasant listening at low volume and thanks to their power capability they can bear the peaks of currents produced by the powerful solid state amps, achieving astonishing, in speakers of this sizes, undistorted sound levels. You can choose according to your taste or your room.
Power Handling 100 W 100 W 200W
Frequency Response 40Hz-23 KHz 40 Hz-23 KHz 37 Hz-23 KHz
Efficiency 91 dB 91 dB SPL 91 dB SPL
Woofer 13 cm 13 cm 2×13 cm
Crossover 2.5 KHz 2.5 KHz 2.5 KHz
Impedance 4 Ohm 4 Ohm 4 Ohm
Cabinet finish: Standard black lacquer black lacquer black lacquer
Dimensions (h x w x d) cm 33,5 x 20 x 25,5 89 x 21,8×21,4 100 x 18,3×28,2
Weight 8Kg 10 Kg 18 Kg